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Attendance Matters

In early grades attendance is the number one indicator of school success. This workshop will cover the districts attendance policy, procedures for absences, and helpful information to support and guide your student to attain great attendance.

Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying

“Bullying” is a hot topic word. Is it always used accurately? There is a real need to draw a distinction between behavior that is rude, mean and behavior that is characteristic of bullying.  When we talk about bullying, we want people to take it seriously, but if everything gets labeled bullying, people stop paying attention.  In this workshop you will learn what is rude, mean and bullying behavior and the Springfield Public Schools incident reporting process.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

In this workshop, participants will learn about Diabetes basics, reading food labels, managing blood sugar levels, counting carbohydrates and tips for overcoming barriers to changing eating patterns.

Cooking Well with a Microwave

This workshop will provide you with nutritional guidance,  tips for making healthy meals in your microwave, basic microwave safety and cooking techniques.  Each participant will receive a copy of our Microwave Cookbook.

Heart Healthy Eating

During this workshop you will learn about reading nutrition labels, reducing sodium in cooking without losing flavor and choosing healthier types of fats and carbohydrates.  The workshop will provide you with delicious meal and snack ideas.

Active Parenting for School Success

Parents will learn seven smart things active parents can do to help their children succeed in school, from being active in the school community to structuring homework time.